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Enable Parallel Compilation

February 9, 2017

Nowadays, there is more and more MCU vendors that adopt Eclipse platform as the MCU IDE. The drawback of eclipse is it always progress slower, which I suspect is due to the the implementation is done in Java. Nevertheless, sometimes waiting for compilation is becoming a norm.

If we have a multicore processor, which is very common with i5 processor or i7 processor. Then there is an option where we can speed up the compilation process : parallel job compilation. Using this features, each of the source code can be assign to different processor core for compilation, enabling a concurrent compilation.

To enable this settings, just right clicked on the project, then select ‘Properties’,  project settings window will display as below. Then follow image below to enable an parrallel job compilation.


It is possible to reduce the compilation process by half of the time or even more.

Since this is Eclipse based feature, if you are building desktop software using Eclipse, same settings is available.

While for terminal (command line) compilation using gcc, same option can be enable using ‘-j4’ (for 4 parallel job) or ‘-j8’ (for 8 parallel job).

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