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Eclipse IDE:A Workaround To Include a Link Folder

April 8, 2016

On my development host, I have an pretty old Eclipse IDE, version 3.7.2.

I am trying to import a folder as ‘link folder’ into a project. This target folder will be include in multiple projects uner Eclipse.  A link folder is better suit so that any modification on target folder(files) is only require to be perform once and it will reflect to all relevant projects.

A typical link folder would shown with a small arrow icon as shown below. Folder name Database, define, device would be the link folder. While Debug is not a link folder


If we perform a right click on ‘define’ folder and select properties, resources, we would see the following:


Above shown it is the a link folder and the location is respective with a symbol of PROJECT_LOC. Use of PROJECT_LOC would enable create a project that is independant of project location in file system. When we want to move the project to another location in the file system, we just need to change this PROJECT_LOC to resolve to the correct path.

In attempt to create a link folder, I use ‘New‘ -> ‘Folder‘ -> ‘Advanced‘ -> ‘Link to alternate location (Linked Folder)‘ -> ‘PROJECT_LOC/../define‘.

This give an error of : “Internal error: Must specify a URI scheme:define

I ended up create a workaround as below:

  1. Create a link folder with fix path
    1. New‘ -> ‘Folder‘ -> ‘Advanced‘ -> ‘Link to alternate location (Linked Folder)‘ -> ‘Browse‘ -> Select the target folder
  2. Change the link folder from dependant path to independant path
    1. Right click on link folder -> ‘Properties‘ -> ‘Resources‘ -> ‘Edit‘ -> Replace with ‘PROJECT_LOC/../define’

With above sequence, Eclipse will be able to find the headers file inside ‘define’ folder



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