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Radio Control Car : From RF to Smart Phone (3 axis Accelerometer) – Part 1

April 24, 2014

This article describe my course of turning a usual RF radio control car into android phone remote car.

Before starting modifying the remote control car, a bit of studying by opening by joystick as well as the car itself. Opening both device reveal the RF transceiver chip : TX2C ATS302T/RX2C ATS302R. Further studying of the PCB against transceiver data sheet, the remote control car is using four function : Go Forward/Go Backward/Turn Left/Turn Right.


The above diagram shown how the radio control car work. Button sending signal to AT302TX chipset, which received by AT302RX and use it to control Motor.

In order to control car, we can either use method 1 or method 2 to send the signal into the system and control the target (car). Thus, we need a device that enable 4 pin to control the 4 signal line (Forward/Backward/Left/Right).

To enable smart phone control the car, the device also must be able to communication with smart phone. In my case, I am using an embedded Linux board, with USB wifi module that act as access point to the smart phone. Once smart phone is connected to the USB Wifi, phone accelerometer data is send to the embedded Linux through android application ‘Wireless IMU’. The embedded Linux will have a simple application to convert 3-axis accelerometer data to car control (Forward/Backward/Left/Right). Below would be in overview of system blocks.


Once everything is setup correctly, I can use my smart phone to control the remote control car by:

  • Move down phone to enable car moving forward
  • Move up phone to enable car moving backward
  • Move left phone to enable car turn left
  • Move right phone to enable car turn right

Besides using Wifi, we can also use Bluetooth as communication medium between Smart phone and the device. By using Bluetooth, we do no longer need Embedded Linux, and Microcontroller with Bluetooth enabled will be sufficient.



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