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Changing uInput Device Permission

November 11, 2013

Target: To change the /dev/uinput permission to allow non-root application to open/read/write the device file

Creating A New Group: uInput

  1. Add new group by following command
    1. sudo groupdadd -f uinput
    2. sudo gpasswd -a username uinput
  2. Verify username has been added into uinput group
    1. groups

Creating New udev Rule

  1. create a new file name: /etc/udev/rules.d/99-input.rules
  2. Insert the following in the code
    1. KERNEL==”uinput”, GROUP=”uinput”, MODE:=”0660″
  3. Machine reboot
  4. Verify settings by following command:
    1. ls -l /dev/uinput
      1. crw-rw---- 1 root uinput 10, 223 Nov 11 15:35 /dev/uinput

From → Linux

  1. Dozoi permalink

    Beware, the blog software has replaced the quotes in the udev file.
    To apply the rules without rebooting:
    sudo sh -c ‘udevadm control –reload; udevadm trigger -v –name-match uinput’

  2. rolf permalink

    To apply the rules without rebooting, the commands are actually(as of April 2016):

    sudo udevadm control –reload
    sudo udevadm trigger –type=devices –sysname-match=uinput

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