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Running i.mx6 Quad Sabre Smart Device Platform

September 20, 2013

Recently I managed to get a unit of i.mx6 to try building kernel and file system. Instead of using LTiB, I am using Yocto as I am more familiar with Openembedded.

Guides from i.mx6 community is good enough to enable a successful build on kernel as well as the file system. The default is build with kernel version 3.0.35 have not bump into any problem. Switching to kernel 3.8.13 does build successfully, but the board would not boot with this 3.8.13.

Here are some images I managed to captured when the board is booting/running with file system NFS from my laptop.

i.mx6 Splash Screen

Freescale splash screen running in U-boot

i.mx6 Booting

While system bootup, screen showing four linux logo

i.mx6 Ubuntu

Board boot up with freescale ubuntu oneiric

i.mx6 Linaro Ubuntu

Board boot up with linaro ubuntu, linaro logo is cropped at bottom right of screen


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  1. Sachin permalink

    I have to run linaro ubuntu, i use Yocto, but not getting proper step..for linaro ubuntu

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